Starting over in 2014

Hello old friends! It was a helluva 2013 and needless to say, I ditched blogging to focus on myself, getting my Masters, planning my wedding, being married, working full time, etc. etc. Now that it’s 2014,  I don’t feel less stressed, I just feel more lazy and procrastinate more. I’m using the excuse that I […]

UPDATE Weekend To-Do List

How did I do on my to-do list? Well I knew it was quite the ambitious list and that I generally accomplish 50-75% of any to-do list that I make so here are the final results: School Write 2-3 page paper on argumentative and aggressive communication Post to the class discussion board & respond to […]

Weekend To-Do List

I’m VERY excited for this weekend for 3 reasons. My Fiance & dog are at the cabin which means some “me” time! I’m going to ROCK my to-do list It’s the weekend…it doesn’t get better than this Granted, my to-do list consists of work, errands and chores, there’s nothing better than getting things accomplished, cleaned […]

Where I was on 9/11

Everyone has their own story of where they were 11 years ago today, hearing for the first time that something crazy is happening in New York. Planes hitting buildings, explosions, fires. I was in 10th grade sitting in my 2nd hour Spanish class with our teacher Mrs. Salguero when our principal came over the intercoms […]