Wedding Checklist Update

I’ve updated the checklist with the few things I have accomplished since November…which isn’t much.

However, one of the main items to cross off the list was sending our Save the Dates.

At first I wasn’t sure I wanted to spend the money to send Save the Dates. I figured we had told a lot of people when the wedding is and if we sent the invitations out in May, guests would have plenty of time to make arrangements. Then it dawned on me that an August weekend in Minnesota guarantees cabin and/or some sort of travel plans. It’s an unspoken tradition in Minnesota that come Friday afternoon, you zip out of work as early as possible to pack up your car and head north for the weekend.

That being said, I wanted to make sure no one made any vacation plans or summer BBQ parties on the weekend of our wedding.

I Googled “free save the dates” and “cheap save the dates”. I’d decided to do the postcard approach because a card & envelope meant twice as much printing & twice as much cost. Then, it dawned on me. Why not design my own? I wasn’t digging any of the pre-made designs and I decided to find an online print shop, design my own postcards and save some money.

The average Save the Date postcard starts at .89 cents. That means ordering 175 would equal $156 plus tax and shipping. I designed mine on and got 500 postcards for $19.95 plus tax and shipping. My total was just over $30 and they’re BEAUTIFUL. If you have a few hours to size an engagement photo, align it correctly & play with their limited choices of font styles and colors…you’ll save yourself a good chunk of money. The online design tool is very easy and they ended up calling me the next day to say how good they’re turning out. Nice touch!

Sure, now we have a bunch of postcards we don’t need but this way if we screwed up an address, we could just grab a new one without worrying! And I’d rather have 300 extra than have to re-order 5 more.

Check out my screen grab from when I was designing the cards…super easy!



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