5 random things that determine success

I’m sure you’ve heard that your degree can get you places or your outfit can speak volumes during an interview process but did you know being crowned Prom King in High School could get you just as far and help make you more money?


A compiled list from Cracked.com offers up a list of 5 random things that determine your success in life that have nothing to do with education, experience or skill set.

5. Your Face & Race

If you’re white, a more distinguished face (laugh lines, crows feet) show a commitment to your job, an ability to smile through the stressors of life and an easy-going personality.

If you’re black, a baby face is what will set you apart when being promoted. A young looking baby face on a black person is apparently less threatening and expresses a more liberal point of view. If you’re black but don’t have a baby face, big ears and a wide grin a la Will Smith or Barack Obama will do the trick.

That’s not racist or anything. *sarcasm*

4. Your Name

Hard to spell or pronounce? Good luck getting ahead in life. People have an easier time hiring and promoting people who give a better first impression. Also, don’t name your boy kid a girl’s name…it’s detrimental from the beginning.

3. Your High School Popularity Rank

The study went like this: kids in high school were asked to write down 3 friends in their grade. Fast forward 35 years and the kids with the most friends (determined the most popular) were earning an average of 10% more. I’d like to take this moment to announce that if the “popular kids” from my grade are earning more than me at age 40, I’m going to make sure my kids are the popular ones 🙂

2. You’re An Addict

Wait, what? Having addictive tendencies can make you successful? Not exactly.

The same tendencies people have toward craving sex, drugs or rock and roll are the same tendencies business leaders have. Their commitment and desire toward their own definition of a “high” is what keeps these people rocking at their jobs. To win over a large account can be the same euphoria for a VP of Marketing as is the euphoria of strippers and booze on a Saturday night Vegas bender. Either way, the compulsive behavior of an addict is what keeps these people focused on attaining the goal, sleeping less, working more, and functioning at a higher-risk-higher-reward level than the rest of us.

1. Where You Sit

“A series of studies by the New School for Social Research found that people’s preference for their dominant hand is so subconsciously powerful that it makes them favor things that happen on that side of their body, to an absurd extent.”

So, next time you’re in a meeting, sit across from the CEO and check out which is his/her dominant hand. (By the way, lefties are generally more successful. Click here to read the article) Then the following meeting make sure to catch a seat on their dominant side.


Did you learn anything? I did. I’m not a white “weathered-looking” employee, my name is messy and sometimes difficult to pronounce, I was barely noticeable in high school, I’m not addict and I don’t care where I sit. Therefore, I should anticipate being average.

What are your thoughts on this survey?


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