Cake tasting at Buttercream

On Saturday my fiance and I spent about 1 hour at Buttercream in Minnetonka, MN tasting 12 different cake flavors, viewing all of their cake designs and negotiating price.

The 12 flavors of cake from Buttercream

Okay, the cakes are effing awesome. They really know their cakes here. However, the customer service was rude from the get-out and she was mildly awkward. We rushed through the cakes quickly (literally still chewing as she described the next one) then she went in to a giant book of god-awful pictures of 80s-style cakes. As we politely browsed the photo album, she sat at the table quietly staring at us and asking bizarre questions about where we work and where we live. She then suggested we walk around and look at the display cakes to get a better idea of height and design. Instead of letting us take our time to discuss, she rushed us from one display cake to the other showing what she thinks we would like. She disagreed when we offered suggestions and consistently passed by cakes that had add-on fees assuming that we wanted to be frugal.

Here are some of the display cakes we liked:

If I were to have a winter wedding, this Birch tree cake was adorable and perfect.

And now…(drum roll please) the cake we chose to get a quote for!


Envision round tiers, green ribbon and green hydrangeas. We really liked the simple branches that come over the ribbon on each tier but are blended into the frosting so as to not standout so much. The branches will match the centerpiece ideas I have so it fit with our theme very well.

Our quote ended up just over $550 with a 3-tier round cake and 2 sheet cakes for our 275-some expected guests. We chose 2 flavors: lemon/raspberry and chocolate/Bailey’s….YUM! She gave us this price quote assuming we would be trying to save money and pick up the cake ourselves. Umm…again, we’re not cheap just because we don’t live in Minnetonka or drive a Benz.

Overall, the experience was relatively negative because she didn’t even ask us about budget she just assumed we were going the cheap route. She rushed through the entire process and kept interrupting our conversations or creepily wandering near us silently. Their cakes are amazing but based on our experience, I highly doubt we’ll be ordering our cake from them.

So now, we get to do more tastings! This Sunday we are going to Queen of Cakes in Edina, MN and we are also entertaining Byerly’s since their cakes are just as amazing even though it’s a high-end grocery store.

Are you from MN? Can you recommend a good cake vendor? Please comment below!



One thought on “Cake tasting at Buttercream

  1. Chocolate/Baileys? Oh my! It’s a shame she lost your business because she couldn’t deliver good customer service. What an idiot for assuming your budget based on location. Newsflash – you live in a similarly high-end city! Idiot.

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