Where I was on 9/11

Everyone has their own story of where they were 11 years ago today, hearing for the first time that something crazy is happening in New York. Planes hitting buildings, explosions, fires.

I was in 10th grade sitting in my 2nd hour Spanish class with our teacher Mrs. Salguero when our principal came over the intercoms announcing a plane had hit the World Trade Center in New York City. My instant thoughts were ‘What? What’s that?’ while my teacher nearly lost her mind. Hands on her head she started speaking in very fast Spanish as we silently watched her ferociously search from room to room for a TV to plug in and turn to the news station. Without much luck, she sat down at her desk, clicked her little desk radio on and quietly murmured to herself in Spanish as she listened to what was going on.

As the day went on, each teacher had a television in their classroom and we watched as the second plane flew into the WTC, as people fled city streets and as sirens overtook any other audio available.

When I got home my mom was on the phone with her sister in Poland assuring her we were nowhere near New York and everything is okay (we live in Minnesota). My dad was already home watching the news since they’d sent everyone home from work around the noon hour. I don’t remember the rest of the day but I remember sitting with my parents on our deck in the evening and noting how eerily quiet it was. Planes had been grounded and without them, our little Minnesota suburban skies were silent.

As you think about today and where you were 11 years ago, don’t forget to pay tribute in which ever way you are able. We lived through an important milestone in this nation’s history and we will never forget.



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