Wedding Checklist

There are tons of wedding checklists available online and in books that detail when you should plan what with who and why.


I found one from Dolly Levi’s Event Studio and decided to it as thoroughly as possible. I was a Wedding Coordinator in my past life but find that checklists are the saving grace to planning such an intricate event.

The original checklist can be found here but my version of her checklist is found on my Wedding Checklist page here.

The reason I chose Dolly’s is because it is simple and high-level. The details come around as we plan our wedding and every minute piece won’t fit into a snazzy little checklist. So, with my own version of her checklist I am able to stay on schedule without worrying over the small things.

Based on my checklist, I am behind on a few things and have all of this to do in September:

  1. Start wedding file (I love organizing but this seems like a hefty task!)
  2. Hire wedding planner (Need to call a friend. I’ve asked her but I’d like to make it official)
  3. Start gown shopping (I’ve found a designer I like but I need to physically try the dresses on)
  4. Hire engagement and wedding photographers (I am not receiving responses from the ones I’ve chosen…not good. I’ll try another phone call and give them until next Monday to respond. Otherwise, my hunt will start over)
  5. Hire DJ (Need to speak with a friend who just got married…her DJ was great and took requests!)

Any other thoughts for me as I move forward with wedding planning?



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